Is Your Grease Trap Filled to the Brim?

Is Your Grease Trap Filled to the Brim?

Count on us for grease pumping services in Sierra Vista, AZ

It doesn't have to be a hassle to empty your restaurant's grease trap. For reliable grease pumping services, depend on Sierra Vista Plumbing, Inc. We have experience pumping out grease traps for restaurants throughout the Sierra Vista, AZ area. We can get rid of any solid and liquid waste caught in your grease trap.

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Don't wait to clear out your full grease trap

Getting grease trap pumping services is an important part of maintaining a safe environment in your restaurant. You should make grease trap pumping a priority because...

  • Irregular pumping can lead to a higher fire risk
  • Old grease and debris can cause unpleasant smells in your kitchen
  • Full grease traps have a higher chance of spilling

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